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              Welcome to the English Teaching Forum online. The Forum is a quarterly journal for teachers of English as a foreign or second language. In print since 1962, and with a worldwide readership of over 200,000, the journal features articles contributed by well-known scholars, readers worldwide, or the editors. Articles focus on the theory and practice of teaching English and include discussions of methods, techniques and ideas useful in the classroom. Thematic content varies, often focusing on an aspect of American culture or a particular language skill or teaching approach.

              This site contains articles from issues of the Forum dating back to 1994. You can find a particular article or issue by clicking on the year in which it appeared, or you can search for a particular subject, title, or author. Please note that the Forum online is one issue behind the print edition. For example, the January issue of the Forum will not appear online until the April issue is printed, since the Forum is a quarterly journal.

              The main index pages for each year display partial tables of contents for each issue, including only lead articles. To view a complete list of articles in the issue, you should click on the "Full Table of Contents" link at the top of the index.

              The Forum editors are always seeking potential articles. If you are an EFL/ESL professional who is interested in contributing to the Forum, this site contains information on how to submit a manuscript .

               We encourage interested readers to subscribe to the full print edition of the English Teaching Forum. The print form contains information that is not included in the web version: the Idiom Page (generally has idioms related to a theme in the issue), the Lighter Side (humorous anecdotes, jokes and fun with language), Teacher Resources (book and software reviews), special inserts and posters, and articles or sections of articles that include copyrighted material. If you like what you see on the web, you’ll love the print edition even more. In fact, we have made the April, 1999 issue of the print version available for download and viewing
through Adobe Acrobat Reader. We encourage you to take a look!

               Finally, please send us your thoughts, suggestions, and comments on both the Forum and the web site. We hope you find this resource to be useful and enjoyable.



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               Take a look at the Forum‘s new electronic journal, Language and Civil Society . Check back often for new articles!


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               See what the print version of the Forum looks like! Find out what you’re missing by not subscribing! Download the print version of the April 1999 issue of the English Teaching Forum and view it in Adobe Acrobat format.



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