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What is the scope of MBA in biotechnology?

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8 Answers

Rita Khurana

Rita Khurana

Biotechnology is a research oriented subject, if you want a job after completing MSc in Biotechnology it wont help, you have to go for PhD to get a job in research labs or a teaching job in some good institutes. If you are not interested in research then go for MBA, but dont do MBA in Biotechnology because again it will limit your career opportunities. You can also do MSc in microbiology or biochemistry, these subjects have better opportunities then MSc Biotechnology. Actually Biotechnology is a vast subject its not only one subject its a combination of many subjects, along with microbiology and biochemistry you have to study immunology, genetics, recombinant DNA, cell bio, molecular biology, plant biotech, animal biotech, chemical bio, and many more. A person needs a lot of patience to study biotech since its a research oriented subject you have to study through out your life. You have to devote lots of time and energy in this subject, without this you can reach nowhere. If youre really interested in pursuing Biotechnology then go for MSc Biotechnology then doctorate then post doctorate but not MBA in Biotechnology. If you are tired of studying the subject then its the right time to change your career option. Good luck.

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Soham Chakraborty

Soham Chakraborty , studied at Techno India Group

Job Roles and Career Opportunities

Such graduates can seek the job profiles that offer the roles in Sales, Marketing, Market Research and Analysis, Research and Development Support, Product Executive, etc. The overseas nations such as USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Europe have a noteworthy interest for such MBAs who can be a great asset to the biotech industry.

The following are few of the common job roles played by MBAs in Biotechnology:

  • Biotech Consultant – They generally provide information to the organizations related to environmental, safety, health and technology sectors, when an organization does not have the workforce to deal with a present undertaking or issue. They offer help to enable customers to take care and address issues.
  • Quality Assurance Manager –A quality assurance manager is in-charge of performing analysis of manufacture and quality control. He assures consent to in-house details, guidelines, and good production practices. The personnel in this field must be skilled enough in tackling with the quality-based issues.
  • Quality Control Analyst–A quality control expert is in-charge of directing routine and non-routine examination of raw materials. He assembles the information for documentation of test techniques and reports variations. Furthermore, he also audits the information obtained for consent with the particulars and reports abnormalities.
  • Research Assistant –He is in-charge of performing the research and lab tasks for assigned projects and future tasks, in a coordinated effort with others. He mentions point by point objective facts, analyses the information and deciphers the results. He is also responsible for making the technical reports, outlines, and quantitative investigations.
  • Associate Scientific Manager –In charge of arranging, planning and overseeing the exercises of one or more projects in the research department. The manager at this position undertakes the long-term and short-term arranging and supervision of projects, which generally require communication with business and production units. He creates the strategies to guarantee the effective accomplishment of business targets. He also provides assistance in preparing the budgets for capital uses, labour, and contracts.

Here are few other career prospects in this field:

  • Biotechnology Expert
  • Marketing Executive
  • Lab Technician
  • Industry Analyst
  • Protein Purification Team Leader
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Biotechnology Patent Analyst
  • Lab Technician
  • Assistant Professor

Salary Offered

In India, the average pay scale offered to the graduated freshers in this field varies from Rs.3,50,000 to Rs.6,00,000 per annum highly depending on the knowledge and skills of a person whereas, in the developed countries, the salary range that a biotech graduate can expect is comparatively much higher.

The freshers can expect a package of US $32,000 to US $ 50,000 and experienced professionals can somewhere expect a package of US $80,000 to US$ 120,000.


Some of the significant employers from the global biotech and pharmaceuticals companies are:

  • Albany Molecular Research Centre Pvt Ltd
  • Merck & Co.
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Eli Lilly
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • GVK Biosciences Pvt Ltd
  • Biomax Life Sciences BioGenex
  • Laurus Laboratories Ltd
  • Mithros Chemicals
  • Nektar Therapeutics India
  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  • Bayer
  • Roche
  • Novartis
  • Biotech Consortium India Limited
  • Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB)
  • All India Biotech Association (AIBA)

Specializations offered

MBA in Biotech Management offers various career prospects. The graduates specialized in this field can go for:

  • Business Development
  • Quality Control Management
  • Assistant Estate Management
  • Tissue Replacement and Engineering Management
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management for Biotechnology
  • Food Safety Management
  • Market Research & Management
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Management
  • Production Management
  • Entrepreneurship Management.

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Shiv Nandan

Shiv Nandan , Biotechnology & Research, AVIT/VMU (2012)


If you did your graduation in biotech. My simple suggestions to join any biotech company as a fresher. Work for 4 year or 3 year. Then only go for this kind of course. Because mba in biotech is latest scope in India. most probably u will get placed in marketing line of biotech company. Other departments having different scenarios. Otherwise you can go for normal mba specialisation. Like hr finance. But no role of biotech here. Therefore keep this in mind then take any decisions.


Bansal Kumar

Bansal Kumar , Govt. Employee at Central Industrial Security Force (2017-present)

Hello friend,

Its really a nice idea of doing MBA in Biotechnology after the completion of under graduation course in Biotechnology.

There are only few colleges in India offering MBA in Biotechnology and you really need to strive hard to get admission in these colleges by clearing the toughest entrance exams conducted in national level

Top colleges in India for MBA in biotechnology

1. School of Life Sciences University of Hyderabad Hyderabad

2. School of Biotechnology JNU New Delhi

3. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology Trivandrum Kerala

4. Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai Maharashtra

5. University School of Biotechnology Guru Gobind Singh Indraprasta University New Delhi

6. Animal Biotechnology Research centre National Dairy Research Institute Karnal, Haryana

7. Department of Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering

GB Panth University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar, Uttarakhand

8. Department of Biotechnology University of Kashmir Srinagar, J&K

9. School of Biotechnology Banaras Hindu University Varanasi, UP

10. Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology MS University of Baroda Vadodara, Gujarat

Career options in MBA biotechnology

You can be employed in pharmaceutical companies, chemical, agriculture and allied industries. Research laboratories whether run by government or corporate sector are the preferred place for many bio-technologists.

  • Research Scientist,
  • Teacher,
  • Marketing manager,
  • Science Writer,
  • Bioinformists,
  • Quality Control Officer or
  • Production in-charge in the Food,
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry.Analyst (Venture-Capitalist)
  • Environmental / Safety Specialist.

ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Reshmi Haque

Reshmi Haque , A Gregarious Soul

It totally depends on you whether you want to have a career in research line or job oriented or management.Doing MBA in Biotechnology has got no meaning,first of all youre in a technical line,why to mingle management with it?If youre interested in business management then do a plain management course,Biotechnology deals with technologies,it will acquire you job in the medical,industrial and agricultural field plus you can also choose the path of research.

There are so many possibilities if youre sticking to only this technical line but if youre collaborating management with it,then its a complete waste of time to learn technology.

I would suggest you either do MS or M.Tech or M.SC in biotechnology after finishing your bachelors degree,these Masters courses are only best suited with it.

Gaurav Kumar Singh

Gaurav Kumar Singh , Research scholar in biotechnology

Hi there…

I think, like all other commercial products, biotech products do also need the marketing strategies. MBA degree holders specialised in biotechnology and its products are benefitted from the high demands in biomedical, application based products.

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MBA in Biotechnology Management

February 2, 2015

Full Time MBA Program , MBA Sectoral Programs , Programs

Overview of the program
The MBA (Biotechnology) is uniquely qualified to offer an executive focused MBA tailored to the needs of biotechnology professionals. This blended learning programme is especially for Students with life science knowledge who wish to enhance their career in Bitechnology Industry as Managers. Students on the MBA (Biotechnology) learn the fundamental and advanced principles needed to develop technologies and build them into valuable assets. The programme brings to its graduates the skills and the assurance to be innovative leaders in the biotechnology field. This is where highly skilled biotechnology employees can become entrepreneurial managers attentive to organisational and commercial factors.The programme is tailored to the requirements of leading biotechnology organisations by bringing relevant issues from organisational and business sectors to bear on biotechnology practice.

Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with minimum 50% Marks + All India Entrance Test

Duration of Course

Academic Year


List Of Documents

10th class Mark sheet & Passing Certificate (original), 12th class Mark sheet & Passing Certificate (original), F. Y. Mark sheet (original), S. Y. Mark sheet (original), Graduation / Post Graduation Mark sheet & passing Certificate (original), Address Proof – Aadhar card/ Passport (Attested Photocopy), School Leaving Certificate / Birth Certificate (Attested Photocopy) *In case the result is awaited for final semester / year, the mark sheet of the previous semester needs to be submitted.

Yearly Syllabus

MBA Sectoral


COMMON SUBJECTS : 5. Marketing Management. 6. Principles of Management. 7. Business Statistics. DDYP8. Organizational Behavior. 9. Financial Accounting. 10. Business Law. 11. Managerial Economics. 12. Information Technology for Management.

SECTORAL SUBJECTS: Retail Management 1. Introduction to Retailing & Indian Retailing 2. Foreign Language.

International Business 1. Introduction to International Business & Managing Int. Business Organization. 2. Foreign Language.

Banking and Insurance 1. Treasury and Forex management 2. Foreign Language.

Hospital Management 1. Epidemiology and Biostatistics 2. Foreign Language.

Pharmaceutical Industry Management 1. Introduction to Pharma Business Environment 2. Pharmacology

Biotechnology 1. Introduction to Life Sciences and Biotechnology & Introduction to Bioinformatics 2. Foreign Language.

Bioinformatics 1. Introduction to Life Sciences and Biotechnology & Introduction to Bioinformatics 2. Foreign Language.

Outsourcing Management 1. Introduction to BPO/KPO & Business Process Management Business Environment

Logistics & Supply Chain Management 1. Introduction to Logistics & SCM 2. Foreign Language.


COMMON SUBJECTS : 1. Marketing Strategy & Applications 2. Entrepreneurship Management 3. Human Resource Management. 4. Financial Management.

SECTORAL SUBJECTS: Retail Management 1. Cost & Management Accounting 2. Legal Aspects of Business 3. Production Management 4. Research Methodology

5. Stores Operations Management 6. Foreign Language

International Business 1. Cost & Management Accounting. 2. Legal Aspects of Business3. Production Management 4. Research Methodology 5. International Trade Operations 6. Foreign Language

Banking and Insurance 1. Cost & Management Accounting. 2. Legal Aspects of Business 3. Production Management 4. Research Methodology 5. Principal concept of life insurance 6. Foreign Language

Hospital Management 1. Management of National Health Programmes 2. Health Policy and Administration. 3. Organization and Administration of Clinical Services. 4. Materials Management. 5. R&D Management and Knowledge Process Outsourcing 6. Foreign Language

Pharmaceutical Industry Management 1. Cost & Management Accounting. 2. Legal Aspects of Business 3. Production Management 4. Research Methodology 5. Strategic issues in Pharmaceutical Marketing 6. Sales Management.

Biotechnology 1. Cost & Management Accounting 2. Legal Aspects of Business 3. Production Management 4. Research Methodology 5. Application and methodology of Biotechnology 6. Foreign Language

Bioinformatics 1. Cost & Management Accounting 2. Legal Aspects of Business 3. Production Management 4. Research Methodology 5. Computational Biology 6. Foreign Language

Outsourcing Management 1. Cost & Management Accounting 2. Legal Aspects of Business 3. Strategic Technology Management & Project Management 4. Project Management 5. Voice & Accent Training 6. Research Methodology 7. Strategic Outsourcing

Logistics & Supply Chain Management 1. Cost & Management Accounting 2. Legal Aspects of Business 3. Production Management 4. Research Methodology 5. Warehousing & Inventory Management 6. Foreign Language


COMMON SUBJECTS : 1. Management Information Systems 2. Business Policy and Strategic Management 3. Business Mathematics & Operations Research

SECTORAL SUBJECTS: Retail Management: 1. Visual Merchandising 2. Mall Management 3. Logistic and Supply Chain Management 4. Retail Shoppers Behavior 5. Strategic Issue in Retailing and Rural Retailing 6. Store Management and Merchandising 7. Foreign Language

International Business: 1. Managing innovation for value creation and Intellectual capital 2. International Financial Management 3. International marketing & Strategic issues in global Marketing 4. Mergers Acquisitions MBO and Other Corporate Restructuring 5. Global Sourcing 6. International Negotiations and Corporate Governance in Global Markets 7. Foreign Language

Banking and Insurance 1. Risk Management & life Insurance understanding 2. Legal and Regulatory aspects of Banking & Insurance 3. International banking and finance 4. Service Marketing 5. Rural Insurance and Micro Credit 6. Quantitative methods for banking & finance 7. Foreign Language

Hospital Management 1. Organization and Administration of Super Specialty Services 2. Financing of Health Services. 3. Pharmaceutical Management. 4. Health Education and Communication. 5. Legislation for Health and Hospital. 6. Quality Management. 8. Foreign Language

Pharmaceutical Industry Management 1. Consumer Behavior in Pharmaceuticals 2. Biochemistry 3. Physiology and Anatomy 4. New Product launch and Brand Building in Pharmaceuticals 5. Disease Management 6. Advertising in Pharmaceuticals & Auditing Pharmaceutical Markets 7. Foreign Language

Biotechnology 1. Fundamentals of production planning and control for biotechnology 2. HR Management in hi-tech environment 3. Intellectual Property Right & Technology Transfer 4. Biotechnology Plant Management and Safety & Hazard management 5. Product and brand management 6. Production management. 7. Foreign Language

Bioinformatics 1. Computational Biology 2 2. Concepts in Computing and Programming 3. Introduction to Database Management System 4. Structural Bioinformatics 5. Numerical methods & energy optimization techniques 6. Molecular Biology 7. Foreign Language

Outsourcing Management 1. Taxation 2. Six Sigma Quality in Outsourcing 3. Back Office Processing 4. E-Customer Relationship Management 5. Telemarketing 6. KPO Research & Analysis 7. Foreign Language

Logistics & Supply Chain Management: 1. Economics of Sea Transport 2. Port Planning & Finance Management 3. Services Marketing 4. Liner Trade & Multi Modal Transport5. Global Trade & Practices 6. Regulation & Documentation 7. Foreign Language


COMMON SUBJECTS : 1. Environment Management & Ethics in Business 2. Management Control Systems

SECTORAL SUBJECTS: Retail Management: 1. International Business 2. Retail Brand Management 3. Inventory Management for Retail 4. E-Retailing 5. Retail Sales Techniques 6. Finance in Retail and Retail Audit 7. Final Project 8. Foreign Language.

International Business: 1. EXIM 2. International financial markets and investment banking 3. International Logistics and Supply Chain Management 4. International Law. Global Project Management 6. Formulating & Implementing Strategies for Multinational Corporations 7. Final Project 8. Foreign Language.

Banking and Insurance 1. International Business 2. Merchant Banking & financial services 3. Money and Capital Market 4. CRM in Banking & Insurance 5. HRM in Banking and Insurance 6. Banking and Retail Finance 7. Final Project 8. Foreign Language.

Hospital Management 1. International Business 2. Applied Epidemiology. 3. Hospital Planning. 4. Final Project 5. Foreign Language.

Pharmaceutical Industry Management 1. International Business 2. R&D Management and Quality Assurance 3. Marketing Research in Pharmaceuticals 4.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Pharmaceuticals 5. International Marketing in Pharmaceuticals 6. Medical Communication, Sampling & Evidence Based Marketing in Pharmaceuticals 7. Final Project 8. Foreign Language

Biotechnology 1. International Business 2. Simulation And Optimization In Biotechnology 3. R & D Management 4. Innovation And Knowledge Management 5. Emerging Trends In Biotechnology 6. Project Management 7. Final Project 8. Foreign Language.

Bioinformatics 1. International Business 2. Perl Programming 3. Molecular Modelling and Drug Design 4. JAVA Basics 5. Bio Mark Up Languages 6. Visual Programming Concept and Web Programming 7. Final Project 8. Foreign Language.

Outsourcing Management 1. International Business 2. Training Methodology in BPO‘s 3. Supply Chain Management 4. Data Protection and Security 5. Business Process Re-engineering & Enterprise Resource Planning 6. Process Management 7. Final Project 8. Foreign Language

Logistics & Supply Chain Management: 1. Terminal Management 2. Shipping Operation & Port Agency 3. Risk Management & Marine Insurance 4. Stevedoring & Port Operation 5. Transportation Management 6. Final Project 7. Foreign Language”

Grading System

For each subject the scheme of marks would be 50% Class Assessments based on Projects Assignments Tests, Class Attendance and 50% Semester End Written Examination.

Fees Per Year/Sem

MBA fees per year Rs.3,90,000/-

D Y Patil University Department of Business Management payable at Navi Mumbai.

MBA in Marketing Management


MBA in Human Resource Management


M. Sc 2015 – Application form and prospectus


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