why students shouldn’t wear school uniforms

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School Uniforms



Why shouldnt students wear uniforms?

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7 Answers

Megan Jayne

Megan Jayne , Just your less than average high school person

So, I go to a school where we do have to wear uniforms and personally I do like the whole uniform thing. But I do have a few reasons to why students shouldn’t wear uniforms.

  1. Cost. You have to pay for your own uniform and there not cheap. Also if you grow more or they get damaged you’ll have to replace them. Some people can’t afford it.
  2. Individuality. With uniforms every of course, is dressed the same. This takes away from a person’s character. they can’t dress they way they wan’t and it takes away their individuality. It makes us all the same when we should be expressing our differences.
  3. Comfort. Most people find them uncomfortable to wear. There isn’t much less to express on that besides students should feel comfortable in schools.

A reason we do wear uniforms is because of bullying. But honestly I don’t believe this at all. I don’t see someone bullying others because of what there wearing. But then again I do live in Canada, where something like that is less likely to happen.

Those are the best reasons I can come up with. I’m sure there are more if you really think about it.

Shanna Dowd

Shanna Dowd , Teacher (2000-present)

There is no research that indicates there is a correlation between academic success and uniforms. Certain schools have specific reasons for implementing either uniforms or a SMOD policy (Standard Mode of Dress) beyond a normal dress code. Some schools want to eliminate bullying (although in middle schools the kids tend to always find something to pick on one another about) or simplify the dress code so no one particular group stands out more so than the other (such as in a school with diverse socioeconomic populations). There are some schools that refuse to mandate uniforms because they (or the parents) believe it restricts students in terms of their personal expression. Honestly any one good reason why they should not wear uniforms is as effective as the other – it really just depends who you’re trying to persuade.

Tom Martin

Tom Martin

I am against school uniforms for regular (in the US, public schools. Public school is different in the UK.)

for the US, this is very different.

In the US we have a volunteer military force, we have employment where one accepts wearing a uniform. to wear a uniform should denote volunteering, whether for the military, emergency response or employment and it’s a source of pride. with a PRIVATE school, which is a step beyond, there’s a reason to be proud of the uniform, the parents took the extra step.

very few people are FORCED to wear uniforms. there at two categories of people FORCED to wear uniforms.

We have involuntary uniforms for two people. Inmates, and children from poor areas. In my area, some people say that the bad schools, which they resorted to uniforms because of a need to discourage GANG clothing, are ‘ghetto’ schools and the snide comment is they might as well get use to not having a choice in their clothing.

so if the only forced uniforms are for inmates and public schools in bad areas, it’s pretty degrading. some might argue it’s racist as you’ll see that most public schools requiring uniforms are in areas with mostly minority students.

You’ll find something interesting about who prefer kids wear school uniforms in public schools. they are petty tyrants, likely racists.

some others who forced school uniforms.

Doll Ie

Doll Ie , former Executive Copy Writer

I am sorry my answer will not exactly answer your question but I do not think that students should not wear uniforms. I personally think they look really cool and represent a phase in life that you have spent together with people who are just like you.

Uniforms represent a time in our lives that we spend looking up to the older generation. It is the time that shows they are the ones responsible. Whether or not the adults realize this responsibility is an entire different story. They bring in unity in the youth and even camaraderie. You cannot differentiate between their socioeconomic class, to some extent and sometimes they even forget.

Uniforms do not do wonders. They do not get rid of racism or bullying, To me they just represent a time in my life when i went to a place, with people just like me, studied the same books and ate the same stuff. It was a time when I was not an adult, just someone who had to observe and look up to them.


Some time back in South Africa there were racial problems. The whites used to look down at blacks.

A school in the area found a brilliant way to tackle the problem. They ordered all students to paint themselves brown.

This brought equality in the school, as there were no whites or blacks, but outside school the same students used to differentiate based on colour.

Today in India, there is a lot of difference between the rich and the poor, upper and lower casts, etc.

So one school told all students to wear a particular uniform. That stopped inequality in schools, but outside school the rich still look down at the poor.

In an imaginary city, the blacks and whites studied at the same school. As children saw from a very young age that both the races were same, they caused an initial discrimination in the school, but they grew out of it, in both public and private life.

In an imaginary city, poor people wore poor clothes and rich people wore rich clothes to school. There was an initial euphoria, but children understood that friendship is better than money. Children also understood from their various personal experiences, what clothes are appropriate for what occasion. Not just textbooks, they learnt many more things in schools.

Unless you see and live with the poor, how can you sympathize with them? [1]


[1] Harsha (శ్రీ హర్ష)s answer to Is it necessary for children to wear school uniforms?

Fabuniforms Com

Fabuniforms Com , Fabuniforms is a leading brand in Workwear & Uniforms Sector

Students from various economical background happen to study in the school, clothing may create inferiority complex to some and it may affect them phycologicaly influence the childrens. Common dress to all will be a solution for this and useful in teach equality to the students.Especially in a Country like India where people living with many economical and cultural diversity, uniforms seeds students a sense of equality in society.

Louisa Jetta

Louisa Jetta , Teacher

I thought uniforms were a great idea. As a teacher, I thought uniforms would create more equality in the school. Nope…

Uniforms were just one more thing I had to police. I had to send kids to the office who were out of uniform. I had to listen to parents complaints about the uniforms. I had some parents mad that their students followed the uniform rules while other students did not. Worrying about student clothes is not my job.

Uniforms ended up being more of a hassle. I hope that I never have to deal with uniforms again.